Policy engagement and research culture: a case study from Viet Nam

Members of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU), and share their experience of developing a culture of policy engagement.

The Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) is a large-scale clinical and public health research unit with site offices in Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Nepal. We consider policy engagement to be an important part of our institutional research culture; all the research we do needs to be informed by the needs of our stakeholder community, and we have an obligation to communicate about our research with all our stakeholders, including policymakers. In this event, we will discuss the approach we’ve taken to enhance policy engagement at OUCRU in Viet Nam , with the support of Wellcome.

Rhea Newman, Senior Policy Advisor at Wellcome will talk about the Wellcome perspective on policy engagement, and why Wellcome encourages engagement with policy stakeholders from a funder perspective.

We also invite attendees to think about and discuss what policy engagement means for them in the context of the culture of their organisations or departments, and what simple steps they could take to build and systematise their own policy engagement capacity. After some short presentations, we will open the panel for questions and discussion.