Getting water to the tap: energy & quality issues

5:30pm for a 6pm start

“Energy use and management in the water industry” Speaker: Darren Hewerdine, Chartered Energy Manager and ESOS Lead assessor, Member of the Energy Institute and the Energy Managers Association, recent Chair of the Water UK Energy Management Forum. Energy is needed in all stages of providing water: abstraction, treatment, pumping it into a network, delivering it to homes, and processing as the wastewater afterwards. Darren will introduce how much energy is used in getting water to your tap, and the actions taken by water companies to become more energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions and save money.

“Treating nitrate contamination of a chalk aquifer” Speaker: Ryan Davies, Civil Engineer, Atkins. Ryan will talk about a project for Thames Water to find a solution to nitrate contamination of a groundwater source. Ryan will talk through the data collected and analysis and the solution that meant an energy intensive new nitrate treatment plant was not needed.