Bioethics and the Public: Graduate Discussion Meeting

We invite graduate students of the University of Oxford studying in practical ethics, medical ethics, medicine, philosophy, law, psychiatry, public health and related areas to join us for the upcoming graduate discussion meeting, Bioethics and the Public.

This meeting explores public engagement/involvement opportunities and strategies in various areas at the University of Oxford.
Our plenary speakers showcase efforts currently in place at the university in the realms of medicine and bioethics, and the beneficial outcomes that such efforts can produce for public understanding, university accessibility, and researchers’ identification of research directions and possible research funding.
The discussion meeting will be held on the morning of October 29th, 2020, over Microsoft Teams. Please register using the eventbrite link. The theme surrounds public involvement and public engagement within the areas of health and ethics, and aims to:

  • provide a virtual environment for the presentation of graduate efforts at involving the public in research or engaging with non-academic audiences;
  • highlight public engagement and involvement efforts within Oxford university as made by established academics in these areas;
  • offer attendees the opportunity for networking and online discussion of strategies that can be used across these areas to better assess and develop involvement and engagement efforts;
  • discuss opportunities for the continued development of a bioethics graduate student network at Oxford in the form of future events/activities.