Just energy transition in the Amazon: contributions and interdisciplinary dialogue between engineering, and human and social sciences

This event is in Portuguese and English with simultaneous translation. This is a hybrid event but if you are attending in person please register for the online event too and bring a phone and headphones, as you will need this to hear the translation for parts of the event!

The Amazon faces substantial challenges in terms of access to sustainable and clean energy, where the prevalence of diesel generators underscores the urgent need for renewable alternatives. In this context, the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil has taken a leading role with its Sustainable Campus Project, which incorporates the MERGE projects and the Interdisciplinary Program Eyes on the Future. MERGE focuses on the development and implementation of renewable energy microgrids, aiming for a more efficient and sustainable energy supply. Concurrently, Eyes on the Future seeks to promote education for a just energy transition and youth leadership for the conscious use of energy, empowering young people and promoting decent work aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From these initiatives, operating with a living lab structure, they play a role in the development of effective public policies against energy poverty, with a special focus on the contribution of anthropology to understanding the specific needs of off-grid communities in the Amazon through innovative technological devices like the Microgrid.

The event will feature a series of presentations from academics and students from UNICAMP, the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) and ODID:

Sustainable Unicamp Campus – Live Lab for Energy Sustainability
Dr Luiz Carlos Pereira da Silva (Unicamp)

Anthropology and Clean, Sustainable Energy in the Amazon: Challenges and Opportunities in the Lower Oiapoque and North Channel Indigenous Lands
Dr Artionka Capiberibe (Unicamp)

Engineering and Electrification in the Amazon: Technical and Human Challenges.
Dr. Helder Cruz (UFAM)

Indigenous Science and Climate Justice: Fair Energy Transition in the Amazon.
Arlindo Baré (Unicamp)

Microgrids as Catalysts for Energy Transition in the Amazon: A Case Study of the MERGE Project
Pablo Hernandez (Unicamp)

Interdisciplinary Education for Energy Transition: Guidelines for the Formulation and Implementation of Public Policy in the Amazon.
Dr Danúsia Arantes (Unicamp)

Oxford Partnership and CPTEn Unicamp
Professor Laura Rival (University of Oxford)