Function and Dysfunction of Synucleins – Membranes Matter

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After completing her PhD in biochemistry in 2006, Dr Jacqueline Burré joined the laboratory of Dr. Thomas C. Südhof at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and later at Stanford University, California. In 2014, Dr. Burré joined the Brain and Mind Research Institute at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York.

The Burré lab aims to understand molecular mechanisms underlying neurological diseases at the synapse. They are currently concentrating on synucleins in Parkinson’s disease, on Munc18-1/STXBP1 in childhood encephalopathies, and on SNAP-25 in epilepsy. They employ a variety of technologies, including biochemistry, cell biology, and imaging, combined with in vitro studies of purified proteins, C. elegans and mouse models of neuropathology.