Conflict Resolution & Problem-Solving Fundamentals

Develop strategies for managing and avoiding conflicts, and learn how to have difficult conversations and solve problems.

Are you tired of letting conflicts simmer unresolved? Are you ready to navigate difficult conversations with confidence and grace?

Join us for our upcoming workshop, ‘Conflict Resolution & Problem-Solving Fundamentals’ and learn how to have difficult conversations and solve problems, as well as exploring strategies for managing and avoiding conflicts.

Designed specifically for researchers, this course provides micro-learning units and a live workshop to offer invaluable tools and techniques to effectively address conflicts head-on, fostering a more harmonious and productive work environment. Gain insights into proactive conflict resolution strategies, learn to communicate assertively yet empathetically, and acquire the skills needed to transform contentious situations into opportunities for growth and collaboration.

You will also get the opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time and have them answered anonymously during the workshop in a user-generated content (UGC) Q&A style!

Don’t let conflicts hinder your research progress. Invest in your professional development and join us to master the art of managing difficult conversations with confidence.