Women's Health Program - A new initiative with big objectives

To date, global initiatives to improve the health of women and girls have largely focused on reducing maternal mortality and morbidity. Thanks to these and other public health efforts, the global burden of disease for women has shifted, and in nearly ever country, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and injuries are now the leading causes of mortality and morbidity. Effective prevention and management of NCDs in women means providing care not only during her reproductive years but across her lifetime as well as understanding the differences in risk factors, barriers to care, and responses to treatment observed in women compared to men.

The George Institute for Global Health with its expertise in NCDs, is well-positioned to help lead a global initiative to reduce the NCD burden in women. In 2018, Professor Robyn Norton launched a new institute-wide program to promote women’s health with an emphasis on identifying gender differences in risk factors and outcomes for NCDs, adopting a lifecourse approach to managing NCDs that arise during pregnancy, and addressing health issues particular to women, such as intimate partner violence and gynaecological cancers.

This presentation will focus on the overarching program objectives and our upcoming initiatives in the UK. Participants will be encouraged to provide feedback on these initiatives and to brainstorm how they can integrate women’s health into their own research.

A recording will be made available shortly after the event. Follow us on Twitter @georgeinstuk with #GeorgeSeminars to catch the release, and subscribe to our YouTube channel here.