How can we manage the high seas? Navigating choppy waters

We are excited to announce the second panel discussion of the Grand Challenges Seminar by the NERC DTP about protecting a threatened ocean on Wednesday, 18th of November at 5.30 – 7 pm (UK time). We invited a group of experts from diverse backgrounds including representatives from international organisations, activists, and academics to talk about “How can we manage the high seas: Navigating choppy waters”.

Our vast oceans are home to incredible biodiversity, much of which is yet undiscovered. However, around two thirds of the ocean (and almost all of the deep ocean) lies within the high seas, beyond zones of national jurisdiction, yet at present there is no framework to protect this common resource. Although remote this part of our planet is not removed from the impacts of human activities that are already causing the degradation of many marine ecosystems. Consequently there has never been a more urgent need to ensure that our oceans can be managed sustainably. In this webinar, forming part of the Oxford Environmental Research Doctoral Training Partnership’s Grand Challenges seminar series, our expert panel and chair will explore the threats facing ecosystems in the high seas and the steps we can take to ensure that this essential commons is preserved for future generations. This webinar is particularly timely given the ongoing negotiations for the UN Convention for the Law of the Sea.

Chair: Dr Lucy Woodall
Panellists: Professor Kerry Howell, Jessica Battle, Alan Simcock, Dr Nirmal Shah

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