Leading Collaboration - bringing people together to achieve the extraordinary (in-person)

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change
Status: This talk has been cancelled

This course forms part of the Innovation Leadership Programme Masterclass series as well as being a stand alone course.

Collaborations can be rewarding or draining, depending on how well people connect. In this course we look at what neuroscience has taught us about how to collaborate. You will make sense of why some of your collaborations have felt great to be part of, while others have been a drag. You will diagnose problems with collaborations you are part of and find practical solutions for improving them. Leave with a clear model for improving all collaborations you are involved in.
 Understand the social drivers that affect the way people behave in collaborations.
 Identify what has contributed to your own experience of effective collaboration.
 Identify clear actions that a leader can take to improve collaborations.