Lobbying For Justice In Syria - Oxford Syria Society Talk with Ibrahim Olabi

The Oxford Syria Society invites you to a conversation with Ibrahim Olabi, the Syrian British qualified lawyer, about lobbying for justice in Syria and his recent speech in the United Nations Security Council.

Ibrahim is a barrister at Guernica 37, working on international and domestic cases linked to crimes in Syria. He is part of a legal team advising The Netherlands on the first case which may end up before the International Court of Justice against Syria for torture. Ibrahim is the founder of the Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP), an NGO working on human rights in Syria. Now a team of 12, SLDP’s work received support from the Swiss, Canadian and Dutch ministries of foreign affairs as well as the EU. Ibrahim has advocated for human rights near the frontlines in Syria, and met several heads of states and policy makers on Syria justice policies.

He has also consulted for the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) and for the International Bar Association. He is currently on the board of the Syrian British Council, where he engages with UK ministers, shadow ministers, and other policymakers. Ibrahim has been interviewed by and appeared on several media outlets, including the BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Aljazeera, and others on Syria-related matters. He completed his university studies in the UK, and was awarded the Undergraduate Student of the Year and Postgraduate Student of the Year.