St Antony's, Germany and Britain: A memorial event for Professor A J (Tony) Nicholls

Online event

Caroline Nicholls, Tony’s daughter, will remember him as a family man.
Fionnuala Corrie Webb will speak about him as a tutor.
Jurgen Kocka (online) will assess him as a historian of Germany, from a German perspective.
Peter North will address Tony’s work on the North Commission.
Richard Evans (online) will comment on Tony as a supervisor.
Timothy Garton Ash will talk about him as a colleague, and as Director of the European Studies Centre.
Roger Goodman will say a say a few words about him as a College man.

Tony Nicholls passed away at the age of 85 after a long illness. Very few people can claim a longer or deeper continuous relationship with St Antony’s, since it was founded in 1950. He obtained a B.Phil. at St Antony’s in 1959-1960 before being elected to a research fellowship at the College in 1961, which he held until 1968 when he became an Official Fellow of the College and a Special ‘non-CUF’ Lecturer at the University. In 1976, he established, and became the first Director of, the St Antony’s European Studies Centre. In 2000, he was awarded the title of Professor of Modern German History. He became an Emeritus Fellow of the College on his retirement in 2001.