vascular biomechanics applied to disease research and the medical device industry

Professor Chris Cheng is an Adjunct Professor in the Division of Vascular Surgery at Stanford, and splits his time between the medical device industry and running the Stanford Vascular Intervention Biomechanics & Engineering Lab ( On the industry side, Professor Cheng has worked on several cardiovascular devices at large and small companies, and is currently CEO of Kōli, Inc., an early-stage medical device company developing a percutaneous solution to gallstone disease. For this Grand Round, Professor Cheng will present work from the VIBE Lab, which focuses on quantifying the dynamic vascular system using medical imaging. While the VIBE Lab’s research pursuits seek to add to the fundamental understanding of cardiovascular biomechanics, all of the projects are directly related understanding disease processes and improving medical device design, evaluation, regulation, and their use in clinical practice.

Professor Cheng is currently serving as an “Expert in Residence” with the Medical Sciences Division.