Insight into Academia: Should I do a Postdoc?

If you’re aiming aim for a career in research, securing a postdoctoral research position may seem to be the logical next step to build on your doctorate. In some – though not all – fields of academic research, having postdoc experience is a requirement for higher-level jobs, though it still doesn’t guarantee future success in securing a permanent academic position. So is postdoctoral research worth pursuing?

This seminar is an opportunity to pause and ask some important questions: How can a postdoc support my academic progression most effectively? What value is a postdoc for those considering working in sectors beyond academia? What do I need to have in place to ensure that the postdoc period is productive from a career perspective, as well as meeting the research aims? The seminar will propose strategies to help you think through the pros and cons of postdoctoral research to make an informed decision on whether to pursue this career pathway.

Insight into Academia is a series of informal seminars and ‘conversations’, exploring opportunities for an academic career within and beyond the UK, important decisions along the way and what it takes to thrive as an academic.

This is an online event via Microsoft Teams