Is your web presence working for you? (For postdocs and research staff)

This session was designed in consultation with OU postdocs as part of National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

Is your web presence working for you?

In a year that has seen radical expansion of the online world combined with further contraction of academic job markets, creating and maintaining an effective, strategic online presence is more crucial than ever to professional success. It’s also fun.

This workshop deals with the global strategy and practical details of tailoring your web presence. We’ll explore some of the professional and personal possibilities you generate when you share who you are and what you do with whoever might search for you or something you care about. Specific topics we’ll cover include:

options for cultivating your online profile (websites, webpages, blogs, podcasts—plus a bit on social media)
balancing an academic with a non-academic profile, or creating a hybrid
generating valuable content, and monetising it
building an online audience
keeping the tech simple
Googling yourself: what you want search engines to say about you
clarifying via your online incarnations what you’re doing with your life and why.

The emphasis is on professional pathways that open out from academia to alt-ac, portfolio, and other careers involving freelance elements, but the material may also be useful for other academic and post-academic routes.

This workshop will be led by Emily Troscianko who is a coach, writer, and researcher with expertise in cognitive and health humanities, consciousness studies, eating disorders, and behaviour change. She also runs an academic writing programme for the Humanities at Oxford.

This is a virtual event via Zoom. Book via CareerConnect.