Cell Fate Determination in the Retina

After the talk, at 5.15pm everyone is welcome to join for an informal Q&A chat with Prof. Constance Cepko. Details on how to join the talk and the informal Q&A will be released via our mailing list (info on how to subscribe on https://cortexclub.com)

The Cepko lab investigates the mechanisms that direct development of the central nervous system (CNS) of vertebrates, with a focus on the retina. These studies have revealed that the retina has distinct types of progenitor cells that are biased, or committed, to produce distinct types of daughter cells in terminal divisions. The gene regulatory networks that underlie these cell fate choices are being studied by analysis of both gene function and cis-regulatory networks. New methods that enable these studies have been developed, including high throughput enhancer assays and quantitative, inexpensive and sensitive multiplex in situ hybridization methods.