The new UK Life Sciences Strategy: implications for the Oxford regional innovation system

The UK should invest hundreds of millions of pounds in high-risk research programs and “moon shot” projects, according to a report on the Government’s new Life Sciences Industrial Strategy. The report calls for investment in fields such as genomics, artificial intelligence, and digital health, to help pave the way for the emergence of entirely new industries in the UK over the next ten years. Such a vision requires sustained funding for science and infrastructure, as well as supporting formation of stronger strategic partnerships between universities, industry, and the NHS. Featuring presentations from well-placed guest speakers and audience discussion, this seminar will explore the opportunities and challenges for Oxford’s Biomedical Research Centre, Academic Health Science Centre, and Academic Health Science Network in helping to realize these ambitious goals in Oxford and the surrounding region.

Dr Glenn Wells
Chief Operating Officer,
Oxford Academic Health Science Centre

Dr Nick Scott-Ram
Director of Commercial Development
Oxford Academic Health Science Network

Dr Marc Ventresca
Associate Professor of Strategic Management
Said Business School, University of Oxford

Chair: Professor Trish Greenhalgh
Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

The seminar is co-organized by the Partnership for Health Wealth and Innovation Theme, NIHR Oxford BRC, and Health Policy and Systems Network, Green Templeton College.