Situating mobilities: The challenges of implementing sustainable, electric, active and caring mobilities in the South

Many cities in the global south are recipients of varying trends in urban / transport interventions. Many ideas circulate through conferences, summits and congresses, papers, policy briefs or directly through international organizations or international consultants. sustainable, electric, active, and caring mobilities are all relevant mobilities initiatives that could potentially greatly benefit all sorts of cities, and much can be learned from many examples worldwide. However, as each trend becomes installed as the best new solution, questions arise as to the pertinence and applicability of such interventions. Using research from research in the city of Santiago, Chile, the presentation suggests taking a closer look at such trends and situating them considering mobilities needs, particularly by looking at the political, material, embodied and uneven contexts where such mobilities take place. Moving away from a modal analysis towards a trajectory analysis that understand everyday mobilities is suggested as a useful way to situate such practices.