Inaugural Conference of the Northern European Partnership for Sustainable Finance (NEPSF)

The Northern European Partnership for Sustainable Finance (NEPSF) has been established as an international collaboration designed to ensure that Northern Europe continues to be the centre of innovation in sustainable finance and investment and drives progress internationally.

Further success in Northern Europe can support efforts elsewhere in Europe, support supra-national action through the European Union (e.g. Capital Markets Union), and efforts across the G7 and G20. There is also a need for a vehicle to support European cooperation on sustainable finance that straddles both EU and non-EU member states. These efforts will help ensure that capital flows are consistent with the transition to global environmental sustainability and climate resilient development.

The Partnership is being launched at its inaugural conference on Tuesday 6th March 2018 at the City of London’s Guildhall. The Partnership will initially involve organisations and representatives from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, as well as representatives from relevant European institutions. It will be open to financial institutions, regulators, policymakers, civil society, researchers, and investor coalitions.

The inaugural NEPSF conference is an opportunity to see and mobilise around the latest innovations in Northern Europe as they relate to sustainable finance and investment. The conference will also create opportunities to collaborate with and learn from peers working on sustainable finance and investment.

Join us to shape the future of cooperation in Northern Europe on sustainable finance and investment. The draft agenda for the inaugural conference can be found on the new conference website: