A discussion with Dr. Markus Grüneisl,  Chief Executive BMW Group UK, on the new and exciting partnership with the Oxford SDG Impact Lab

Oxford is home to the manufacturing of the world-famous MINI, produced by BMW, one of the largest employers in Oxford. ​In 2023 the plant will celebrate it’s 110th year of production in the city with around 1,000 cars built each day. Today the plant stands at the cutting edge of automotive manufacturing technology and sustainability after significant investments over the years. A major focus is the reduction of energy usage, water consumption, waste of all kinds and CO2 emissions.

The Oxford SDG Impact Lab offers graduate students the opportunity to apply their academic talents to real-world challenges, in partnership with businesses and other organisations. It is a ground-breaking initiative that delivers values-based leadership and employability skills training.

We are delighted that the SDG Lab will be working with BMW to deliver the 2022/23 BMW Group Plant Oxford Programme which will focus on impacts in three areas: Climate, Colleagues and Community. Come along to hear more about this brand-new collaboration and your chance to participate in this rewarding extra-curricular activity.

Join us to hear more about the BMW Group sustainability strategy and our opportunities for graduate students to collaborate with BMW to advance the SDGs. ​

​Find out more: www.sdglab.uk