Enacting Global Transformation Across Cultures: Building Peace through Collaborative Methodologies and Stories

A collaborative conference of the Enacting Global Transformation Initiative & the Centre for International Studies in partnership with Faculty of Education, University of Johannesburg, & Peace One Day.

This conference, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, is convened in a perilous global climate. The gains of the end of the Cold War are rapidly eroding and the foundations of international relations are being rattled – daily. The principles of peace and justice and the common values of humanity at the basis of the multilateral system are threatened. This event invites us all to dialogue about new approaches, innovations and methodologies to respond to complex challenges of international peace and security.

We will be filming and livestreaming the event. Join us to share your input – Live, or online at: www.Facebook.com/TheatreofTransformationAcademy
More Details at: www.TheatreofTransformation.org

11.00-12:00: Brainstorm on Impact Profiling and Peacebuilding by Peace One Day (www.Peaceoneday.org)
Jeremy Gilley, Founder, actor-filmmaker, & his team seek your active input on an innovative new app designed to evaluate people’s impact on and contribution to building peace.
Chair: Dr. Jonathan Leader Maynard, Assistant Professor of International Relations, Oxford

12-12:30: Lunch break (lunch will be provided)

12:30-2:30: Interactive Dialogue: Collaborative and Creative Methodologies in Response to Global Crisis
Chair: Edward Mortimer, Distinguished Fellow, All Souls College, former Director of Communications, United Nations Secretary General’s Office.
‘Critical Education in Transition in Post-Apartheid South Africa’
Prof. Juliet Perumal (South Africa), Vice Dean for Research & Internationalisation, Faculty of Education, University of Johannesburg. 2015 Joyce Cain Award for outstanding research.
‘Transformative Knowledge and Media Creation with Refugee Youth in Turkey and Beyond’
Eda Elif Tibet (Turkey), Award-winning filmmaker of Refugee, Here I am and Ballad for Syria. Ph.D. Researcher at the Paedagogische Hochschule/University of Bern (www.karmamotion.com) with co-researcher Abdi Deeq (Somalia), minor unaccompanied refugee in Turkey & photo-journalist.
‘Enacting Global Transformation across Crises and Cultures’: Multi-Media Performance
With Bill Cisco (USA): renowned Motown musician, Founder-CEO of Drifters (www.drifters.ga)
Dr. Rama Mani (India/France): Convenor, EGT Initiative & Theatre of Transformation Academy
With photography by Abdi Deeq, filmclips by Eda Elif Tibet & graphic art by William Kelly

2:30 to 2:45: Tea Break

2:45 to 4:00: What Next? Collaboration to Enact Global Transformation and Build Peace
Dialogue with all participants, Advisory Group Members of EGT Initiative and Peace One Day Team
Introduction: Prof. Kalypso Nicolaidis, Director, Centre for International Studies. *Dr. Rama Mani, Eda Elif Tibet and Prof. Juliet Perumal: ‘Re-storying Humanity to Enact Global Transformation’, Joint project for Participatory Action-Research, Film and Education.

  • Feedback: Dr. Pontso Moorosi, Associate Professor in Educational Leadership, Univ of Warwick.
*Closing Insights: Jeremy Gilley on the Power of Film and the Arts to build Peace.

4:00 to 5:00: Wine Reception for all participants