Climate Changes, Vulnerability and Resilience in Transport Infrastructure

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As it has evolved into the era of global boiling, a period characterized by heightened temperatures due to climate changes, this presentation shows the pivotal concept of resilience as a strategic framework encompassing adaptive methodologies and innovative solutions in response to the challenges by our planet’s shifting climatic patterns. The presentation navigates the landscape of net zero policies and low emission strategies, examining their potential within the realm of transportation systems. Additionally, we will explore the paradigm of smart mobility hubs, tangible examples of resilience in transport infrastructure, designed to mitigate and adapt to the multifaceted impacts of global boiling. Through case studies, Columbus, Ohio, USA, and Seoul, Korea, we will show the various aspects of a resilient transport infrastructure within the epoch of global boiling.

Short Bio
Dr Seungjae LEE is a Professor of Transportation Planning in University of Seoul. He obtained his PhD in Department of Civil Engineering, University College London in 1994, and worked as a Research Fellow in Department of Statistical Science, UCL, and Korea Transport Institute. He is the author of the TOP 1% SCI Journal and Top 100 Journal (based on SJR) such as Nature Scientific Reports, Science Advances and Journal of Cleaner Production. A total of 157 papers have been published, including more than 56 SCI-level papers, 13 publications as Q1 journals. He is the Author of book chapters in Springer, Elsevier, Routeledge, ScienceDirect Procedia, and the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers). He has found and served International Journal of Transportation as an Editor-in-Chief, (ESCI). He has also served several editorial boards of SCI journals such as Transportmetrica, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation and Proceedings of Municipal Engineering, ICE. He is currently working as the Head of Department of Transportation Engineering, and Director of Transport Research Centre. He is a recipient of the James Hill Prize for the best paper on Municipal Engineering in the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 2023 and a recipient of the Smeed Prize of the UTSG, 1995.