“Autism and Perception” Pedagogy, behaviour and cognitive development

Learning is Creating, Creating is being Transformed. The aim of this lecture is to explain the impact of the Kaddouch® pedagogy on behaviour through creation. Creating, according to the Kaddouch Pedagogy, means involving your potential, richness and singularity in an act of learning. In order to consider the implications of this form of learning conceived of as creation on cognitive development, Robert Kaddouch will first present the case of Peter, a high level autistic person, who, thanks to this teaching approach, was not autistic during is half-hour weekly piano lessons (videos will allow you to see how this pedagogy addressed this problem to arrive at this result.)
In a second part, and to better understand that learning means being transformed, not accumulating, Robert Kaddouch will present his pedagogical theory with the underlying concept of Conductivity, i.e. communication through creation and creation through communication. He will present the techniques of his pedagogical approach one by one, followed by a time for questions and discussion. Short videos will allow you to live intense moments of creative, human and technical exchanges with pupils, some only 10 months old.