Shaping Research Culture - Combining openness, collaboration, and innovation to thrive in research.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to invest in personal and professional development. Participants will gain insights, build connections, and leave empowered to shape the future of research.

The way we work and interact, with our peers and wider networks, has a huge influence on research outputs and outcomes. Our day-to-day practices directly influence how we, and our colleagues, work in this shared ecosystem.
The highly participative workshop allows you to explore 3 powerful drivers for change:
 The art of Collaboration in research- We will look at the role of collaboration and more specifically the ways you can leverage collaboration projects to increase your impact and increase your chance of getting funded.
 The power of Openness in research (including open science)- We will explore the role of openness in research and how you can increase your visibility and voice by embracing open science and much more.
 Nurturing Creativity and Innovation in research- Finally, we will explore the importance of embracing innovation and the associated traits and mindsets which will unleash your research potential.
A powerful workshop for researchers wanting to increase their impact and energy at a strategic time. This workshop aims to provide you with a priority of core skills and mindsets to help you thrive in research and positively influence your working environment. You will also be able to share your lived experience with peers and participate in focused discussions.

A message from Natacha Wilson, workshop facilitator:
“Navigating our volatile, ambiguous, complex and uncertain research environments can impact our ability to prioritise and focus on what matters. This workshop aims to provide clear connections between three key skills that impact personal impact and contribute to a thriving research ecosystem. It can be used as a road map to develop strengths and increase one’s strategic outlook, as well as provide an opportunity to lead by example. This workshop has been developed with inputs from researchers and draws on evidence-based research. It places people working in research at the heart of the ecosystem. I really look forward to meeting participants and explore the three skills of collaboration, openness and innovation.”