Our Mental Wellness: Coping with Trauma

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Most of us will experience a traumatic event at some point in our lives, such as interpersonal violence, accidents, sudden death of a loved one, or disasters. Following trauma, we may experience unwanted distressing memories and feel a wide range of negative emotions. Our sense of self and the world may also change. This talk will discuss research findings on helpful and unhelpful ways of coping with trauma.

This talk will be presented by Anke Ehlers, Professor of Experimental Psychopathology and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology. A Q&A panel discussion will follow, chaired by Cathy Creswell (Professor of Developmental Clinical Psychology), and include:
1. Anke Ehlers
2. Mina Fazel, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
3. Morten Kringelbach, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry