Energy Seminar

As you may already know, we have a new research cluster, ‘Environmental Interactions’. The aim is to bring together those with an interest in research problems requiring both ‘natural’ and ‘human’ components (forgive the simplification), and their interactions.

Thank you to those who have already contributed ideas on how we proceed. So far we discussed: * a forum for exploring/sharing research methods * a focus on policy, implementation and impact * potential for collaborative work within the department * wider networks, and invitation of outside speakers * training and resources to facilitate research

The plan this term is to start with a very informal open discussion session, followed by a series of seminars from internal speakers. These will happen every other week, Friday 12.00-13.00, starting this week (and please do bring lunch along if you want to).

Week 2: 19th October, Beckit Room – Open discussion on shaping the cluster, and planning for HT & TT (internal/external speakers, workshops, etc.)
Week 4: 2nd November, Gilbert Room – Nick Eyre on Energy (title TBC)
Week 6: 16th November, Gilbert Room – Rob Hope on Water (title TBC)
Week 8: 30th November, Gilbert Room – Richard Bailey on Simulating complex human-environmental systems: methods and applications

Please do come along if you share an interest in human-environmental systems and their interactions. There’s a great wealth of knowledge and expertise on these matters within the OUCE, and our various external collaborative networks, so we should have plenty of interesting things to talk about!