Policy engagement for biodiversity: The future of policy engagement for biodiversity

When it comes to informing and scrutinizing policy for biodiversity, are we doing enough? In the third seminar of this series, we introduce and respond to critical provocations on the possible future pathways for policy engagement for biodiversity. This will include discussions of: the way different kinds of academic work, from the social sciences and humanities to conservation and ecosystem science, can be effectively supported in policy engagement; and the responsibilities, challenges and ethics of engaging with policy, business, and other stakeholders in a multi- and trans-national context. While there are unlikely to be easy answers, these discussions will catalyze thinking about individual and collective roadmaps for future policy engagement efforts. On the eve of negotiations in the Convention on Biological Diversity, this will be an opportunity to think critically about how collaborating across disciplines can help navigate the inevitable political, social, and environmental dimensions of policy for biodiversity.

Professor Laura Rival, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography
Dr. Prue Addison, Department of Zoology and Conservation Strategy Director for the Berks, Bucks, and Oxon Wildlife Trust
Dr. Jasper Montana, Research Fellow, School of Geography and the Environment