Fawzia Koofi: Changing Geopolitical Landscapes, Afghanistan's Future Prospects and the struggle for Human and Female Rights

The Oxford Guild is delighted to host Fawzia Koofi, a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and renowned Human and Women’s Rights Activist who was the first female Deputy Speaker of the Afghan Parliament who recently negotiated terms of peace with the Taliban in 2020, before the withdrawal of US troops, on Monday 9th May from 6:30pm in Oriel College’s Harris Lecture Theatre.
Fawzia Koofi will be speaking about the state of current changing longstanding geopolitical landscapes, along with the future prospects for Afghanistan and the struggle for Human and Female Rights. This promises to be one of the most fascinating and topical events of the year and is a truly unique opportunity to hear from and ask questions of such an influential and high profile figure, who has left an unforgettable mark on global politics and Human and Female Rights. PLEASE REGISTER HERE: forms.gle/U6QqxcE2GvR4GKHF8
Fawzia Koofi is a former member of the Afghan Parliament and its first ever female Deputy Speaker, and a renowned human rights and women’s rights activist. A nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, she was the only ever female leader of a political party in Afghanistan. In 2020, Koofi was the only woman chosen by the US to negotiate terms of peace face to face with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, during which time she survived one of several assassination attempts, and was shot for the second time. When heavily-armed Taliban fighters were stationed outside her Kabul home, she remained in Afghanistan under the threat to her life until 30 August 2021, the day on which the last US forces left Afghanistan. Along with Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Koofi led a drive to help over 100 Afghan judges flee to safety with their families. She continually works on the mobilisation of urgent support for the women and the people of Afghanistan with the help of world leaders. As well as being the ex-Vice President of the National Assembly, Koofi has written two books, “The Favored Daughter” and “Letters to My Daughters” in which she tells her fascinating stories, from being left to die in the sun after birth as the nineteenth daughter of a local village leader, to the abuse and murders of her family under exploitative Russian and Taliban regimes. Having begun her political career in 2001 after the fall of the Taliban, Koofi has relentlessly driven for women’s and human rights, from her “Back to School” campaign which promoted the right to education of girls, to her work with UNICEF to keep children from violence, exploitation, and abuse. Since being the deputy speaker, she is now the Chairperson of Afghanistan’s Women, Civil Society and Human Rights Commission.
In addition to sharing her fascinating insights and discussing her work and accomplishments in changing longstanding geopolitical landscapes and more, she will be answering your questions in what will be a very interactive session. This event is FREE AND OPEN TO ALL and we highly recommend that you do not miss out! Please register: forms.gle/U6QqxcE2GvR4GKHF8 If you would like the chance to meet Ms Koofi and speak to her directly in a private reception at the end of the event (schedule permitting) please email contact@theoxfordguild.com ASAP.
WHEN: 6:30pm, Monday 9th May 2022
WHERE: Oriel College’s Harris Lecture Theatre
REGISTER: forms.gle/U6QqxcE2GvR4GKHF8