Race & Health: Reckoning with the past and present to secure a better future

In-person only

Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination are born from colonialism, and drive inequities in political inclusion, social acceptance, and economic opportunity. This creates inequities in health for racial and ethnic minorities.

Join us in our upcoming seminar as we interrogate how wider contemporary geopolitical and planetary events impact health inequity. We will take a historically-informed approach to explore how racial categorisation and minoritisation impact health, and how researchers must interrogate these issues in order to advance a more equitable future. In exploring the link between the past and the present we can be better prepared for the future and the challenges that lie ahead.

- Featuring a series of short presentations from the members of the Race & Health Network (www.raceandhealth.org) and contributors to the Lancet 2022 series: www.thelancet.com/series/racism-xenophobia-discrimination-health      

- Inter-disciplinary panel discussions and Q&A with academics from Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences and the Medical Humanities Programme.
-Tea & coffee will be served, with a drinks reception following the event at 5:30pm.