Meet the Editor: Nature Sustainability

Academics, researchers and DPhils at the School of Geography and the Environment are invited to meet the social sciences and GIS editor of Nature Sustainability, Aiora Zabala.

Aiora will give a short 15 min talk, followed by a Q&A.

If you are an Oxford Geography (ECI/SSEE/TSU) researcher who would like to make a 1:1 appointment to discuss a specific idea for a journal article on 25 – 26 November 2019, please email


Nature Sustainability ( publishes significant original research from a broad range of natural, social and engineering fields about sustainability, its policy dimensions and possible solutions. The talk will briefly introduce the journal, how it situates among other Nature journals, the types of content and tips on how to choose/write each type, and editorial assessment criteria. A Q&A will follow for you to ask other questions and explore what happens behind the scenes of scientific publishing in a top interdisciplinary journal.

The journal also has an associated online community (, which aims to foster discussion on themes relevant for sustainability scholars, and on papers published at the journal and elsewhere. Anyone can join and contribute to this community (not just those who have published at Nature Sustainability). Popular posts types are ‘On the road’ (comments about relevant conferences and events) or ‘Behind the paper’ (informal accounts of how the papers emerged, useful for broader diffusion, e.g. on social media). This online community has 7,000 monthly average page views, with 2-3,000 average users visiting per month,. mostly researchers, including authors at Nature Sustainability, Nature Geoscience, Nature Climate Change etc. Content from the last twelve months includes 80 ‘Behind the Paper’ posts; 25 from editors; 9 from regular contributors.