Energy Seminar - week 8: Postponed to 24th January 2023 - Positive low energy futures - Energy demand reduction options for meeting national zero-emission targets in the United Kingdom

This talk has been postponed to 24th January 2023 - John Barrett will speak in person at the ECI, Atmosphere Room, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, South Parks Road, Oxford. If you wish to join online please register (link below) to automatically receive the TEAMS webinar link.

In recent years, global studies have attempted to understand the contribution that energy demand reduction could make to climate mitigation efforts. I will present the bottom-up, whole-system framework that we developed for the UK to estimate the potential for energy demand reduction at a country level. Replicable for other countries, our framework demonstrates that the UK can reduce energy demand of 52% by 2050 compared with 2020 levels are possible without compromising on citizens’ quality of life.