The many facets of (in)equity in European long-term care systems

Alongside the well-established focus on coverage, sustainability and quality in European long-term care systems, the goal and challenge of achieving equity (in outcomes and processes) is gaining increasing recognition, both in the policy and the research arenas. While evidence is building on barriers in affordability and accessibility of care services, adequacy, approachability and appropriateness of care are less understood. But the scope of an equity focused approach to long-term care spans beyond a user-centered perspective. As the majority of care and support to older people in Europe is provided by families, friends and communities, it is important to acknowledge inequities arise in the distribution of informal caregiving and support systems available for carers, as well as in the intergenerational distribution of resources. During the seminar we will review the available evidence on (in)equity in access to and provision of long-term care in Europe and will attempt to carve out a broader conceptualization.