CGHE BOOK LAUNCH: Changing Higher Education for a Changing World

Claire Callender, UCL Institute of Education and Birkbeck
William Locke, University of Melbourne
Simon Marginson, University of Oxford

At a webinar to launch the new book Changing Higher Education for a Changing World (Bloomsbury, 2020), with 17 chapters that draw on the outcomes of CGHE’s globally-focused research programmes, we discuss the book’s key themes and findings with its editors, CGHE’s Claire Callender, William Locke and Simon Marginson.

Changing Higher Education for a Changing World explores higher education in the major higher education regions including China, Europe, the UK and the USA. It sharply illuminates key issues of public and policy interest across the world. Do research universities make society more equal or more unequal? Are students graduating with too much debt? Who do we want to be attending universities? Will learning technologies will abolish the need for bricks-and-mortar higher education institutions? What can countries do to improve their scientific performance? How can comparative teaching assessment and research assessment become much more effective? These are among the issues explored in Changing Higher Education for a Changing World. Please join us to discuss this important new book.

Reviews for Changing Higher Education for a Changing World

“Breathtaking in its breadth – from public good in South African undergraduate education to the existential crisis in post-Brexit UK – this well-written volume presents the most recent scholarship emerging from the world’s leading centre for higher education research” – Glen Jones, Professor of Higher Education and Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

“A vivid snapshot of higher education development in a world during the surge of populism and before the pandemic. It serves extremely well as a timely awakening. Its themes, contents and contributing authors from the research team reminds us of the pressing need for our concerted efforts in defending further integration on a global scale.” – Rui Yang, Professor and Associate Dean of Education, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“A thoughtful, data-driven and extraordinarily useful analysis of key themes shaping the global higher education landscape.” – Philip G. Altbach, Founding Director, Centre for International Higher Education, Boston College, USA