Point - Line - Plane: Affect and/through Conceptual Personae (A Mini-Workshop of Sorts)

This workshop considers an approach to affect that moves across three different (but not fully separable) modes or ontological registers (quasi-Spinozist in nature): point, line, and plane. We will also entertain examples of work within affect studies that often takes up a proximate position in relation to one of these registers more than the others, and then look to how this plays out through subtle – or sometimes not-so-subtle – shadings of critical attention and writing practices. Finally, through a group exercise that enacts Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of ‘conceptual personae,’ we will generate a cluster of affect-worldings that creatively play with (across?) the tensions, the bleeds and border patrollings that give necessary shape, texture, and buoyancy to disciplinary knowledge/s (as an ‘embodiment of a particular exercise of thought, each with its peculiar style’).