Commoning mobility (Cancelled)

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change
Status: This talk has been cancelled

Scholars have argued that transitions to more sustainable and just mobilities require moving beyond technocentrism and rethinking the very meaning of mobility as we need to move beyond not only infrastructural, but also cultural “lock-in” of high-carbon societies. Drawing on global comparative research of low‐carbon mobility transitions, I will first examine the key logics that are driving mobility planning and problematize their effects. I will then present an alternative logic, the logic of “commoning mobility” that offers a potential to challenge primarily techno-centered transitions envisioned by public and private sector around the world, aiming at maximizing efficiency and producing seamless, individualized mobilities. Can we move from Mobility-as-a-Service ideal to Mobility-as-a-Commons as a theoretical lens and a project of rethinking mobility as a collective good and not merely an individual freedom? I will provide some examples of community-driven mobility projects and possibilities of more inclusive, collaborative mobility governance.