Eastman Professor's Seminar: New crossings and combinations

In recent years, the ways in which we approach our discipline have critically questioned many of the categories in which History has been thought about, taught, and written. Transnational and temporal crossings have opened up new perspectives, by bringing into conversation with one another ideas, elements, and events that might once have been considered incompatible. At the same time, new methodologies, connections and formations offer exciting intellectual possibilities even while they sometimes make it difficult to categorise with ease the work being undertaken.

This seminar is aimed at those who, like me, find increasing difficulty in labelling and identifying their work within more established frameworks, and who believe that novel intellectual formations are necessary to the continued relevance of historical studies in an age of deep uncertainties and instabilities. This is not intended as a formal research seminar but rather a venue to discuss critically new paths in the field, to try out work on a sympathetic audience, and to learn from one another about the ways in which historical research and writing are now being conducted. As a result, my hope is that it will be largely participant-driven rather than working from a defined structure, syllabus or agenda. Among the activities which it might encompass, but to which it will not be limited, are shared readings, opportunities to workshop chapters, papers and other writings as well as to seek advice, whether about writing or conceptualising projects.

Please email me if you’re interested in attending or would like further information.

The seminar will be held on the fourth Friday of each month throughout the academic year at 13:00, beginning 23 October. This term, at least, meetings will, of course, be virtual.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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