Climate and Health Forums

Oxford researchers are engaging with climate and health research from a wide variety of perspectives and across a diverse range of geographical environments. Oxford’s key strengths are both our critical mass in many different disciplines relevant to climate and health, and the interdisciplinary networks already coordinating action across fields.

More than 150 University of Oxford researchers from more than 30 departments across the four academic Divisions are involved in climate and health research. While our researchers lead in many aspects of these areas, there is the opportunity to strengthen and expand existing collaborations, as well as building new ones across disciplines – hence opportunity for more in climate and health.

This new pan-Divisional Forum for Climate and Health is being established to further support this work. Very much focussed on linking across disciplinary boundaries, delivering multi and interdisciplinary research and innovation (MIDRI), this network aims to support researchers from all Divisions working at the intersection of climate and health, to talk together, discuss shared research interests and develop a common language for delivering interdisciplinary funding applications.

Research questions around climate and health cut across traditional subject boundaries. While some University of Oxford researchers with interests working on climate and health cluster broadly into thematic areas, there are many cross-cutting aspects, such as ethics, policy, economics, inequality, justice and methodology.

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