Professor Nicholas Terpstra, Visiting Fellow, events - 20 April-20 May 2023

Nicholas Terpstra, Professor of History, University of Toronto, President of the Renaissance Society of America will be a Visiting Fellow in Oxford at St Edmund Hall 20 April-20 May 2023.

Professor Terpstra works on Renaissance and early modern social history, exploring questions at the intersection of politics, religion, gender, and charity, above all those that deal with marginalized individuals and groups. Publications include Cultures of Charity: Women, Politics, and the Reform of Poor Relief in Renaissance Italy (Harvard: 2013) which won the Marraro Prize of the American Historical Association and the Phyllis Goodhart Gordan Prize of the Renaissance Society of America and Lost Girls: Sex and Death in Renaissance Florence (Johns Hopkins: 2010). He is currently developing the DECIMA project, an on-line digital map tracking spatial and sensory dimensions of social life in Florence and exploring early modern cross-cultural religious encounters and the experiences of religious refugees. Recent works include Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World: An Alternative History of the Reformation (Cambridge: 2015) and the Global Reformations essay collection and sourcebook (Routledge 2019 & 2021).

Tuesday 25 April 2023 (1st Week, Trinity Term)

Tuesday 2 May 2023 (2nd Week, Trinity Term)

Wednesday 10 May 2023 (3rd Week, Trinity Term)

Monday 15 May 2023 (4th Week, Trinity Term)

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