Mental Health Risks in Fieldwork Training

Students, advisors and seasoned researchers are invited to join this ‘Mental Health Risks in Fieldwork Training’ 2-hour webinar on Wednesday 10th May at 1.30 PM. This training is for anyone who has done, or is planning fieldwork as well as supervisors/advisors of staff or students that undertake field-based research or data collection, in both the physical and social sciences. This webinar is a 50/50 combination of presentation and interaction; we will use case studies to create a safe space in which to discuss mental health risks in fieldwork.

The aims of the webinar are to equip participants with the knowledge and tools for:

1. Normalising the mental health risks from adverse fieldwork experiences
2. De-bunking trauma myths by exploring how chronic trauma can present in fieldwork.
3. Emotional and practical mental health preparedness of individuals prior to fieldwork.
4. Advisors and supervisors to offer mental health advice and guidance pre-fieldwork.
5. Understanding that mental health risks in fieldwork can often be identity-based and how to manage this in different contexts.
6. Navigating your role as a responsible bystander.
7. Avenues of support and incident reporting during, and post-fieldwork.