Pitching for funding

All DPhil students and All Research Staff of: Medical Sciences Division; MPLS Division; Doctoral Training Centre - MPLS

Those with funding need to know about you and why they should place their investment in you and your venture. This may be a pitch for research funds, a pitch in an enterprise competition or a presentation asking for an R & D budget. It is a skill that is much needed for the next career step. This interactive course will use your research as a starting point but feel free to come with a business venture idea too.

This course will cover:
  • The structure and elements of a pitch
  • What different funders are looking for in a pitch
  • Opening and closing your pitch
  • Team pitching
  • The use of props
  • Making your message clear
Objectives: by the end of this session participants will have:
  • Practised a variety of pitch elements
  • Thought about the audience and meeting their needs
  • Explored the structure and elements of a pitch
  • Received feedback