Precision proteomics broadens MultiOmics repertoire and enables biomarker discovery

Olink Proteomics is a Swedish company with strong global presence, that enables high-plex protein biomarker discovery and development. Olink’s platform currently has the ability to robustly measure ~5,400 analytes. It’s been used in different settings due to its scalability and actionability such as in the elucidation of pathways and mechanisms of drug action, as a screening tools for identifying signatures/biomarkers with a prognostic/predictive significance as well as to safety and toxicity studies, drug target selection and differentiation. Due to the fact that the protein library, which continuously expands, covers all major biological pathways the applications are in numerous disease areas, such as, Cardiology, Diabetes Immuno-oncology and Neurology.

In this scientific seminar they will go through a series of case studies elucidating the power of their capabilities: * How Olink technology enables biomarker identification, precision medicine and multiOmics approaches. * Examples of Olink technology applied in specific human disease areas.