Bodleian iSkills: Managing research data and Data Management Planning

Good research data management is a vital component of academic practice. Part of this is the principle that the data used to develop the arguments and outcomes of your research should be effectively stored and managed during a project, preserved for the future and – where possible – shared with other academics. This session introduces the University’s research data policy and outlines the practical impact this will have on your work. The services available at Oxford to assist you will be outlined. This session is not only essential during your current studies but will be invaluable if you plan to continue in research as a career.

The session will cover: common dangers and pitfalls of digital data; key priniciples of RDM and organising your data effectively; creating a data management plan; institutional, funder and publisher requirements; preserving data and cybersecurity; ORA-Data, Githum and other preservation services; the potential of data management in your own field; Oxford-based tools for research data management.