How is AI shaping the future of Digital Democracy?

Join us for an interesting talk where Elaine builds off of her previous research and experience to explore how digital democracy is being transformed by emerging technologies, especially through the development and use of generative AI. While AI may have numerous positive impacts for society, it may also undermine trust. This poses serious questions for the future of democracy. During the talk, Elaine will explore three primary areas. 1) Citizenship and digital rights, 2) Elections and political parties, and 3) Government and public policies. By focusing on these three primary areas, attendees of the talk will come away with a new understanding of where we are going, what challenges we might face, and what the future holds for digital democracy.

Elaine Ford is a Visiting Policy Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and is the founder and director of Democracia Digital in Peru. In 2019, Elaine wrote her first book “The Challenge of Digital Democracy” which explored her interests in the relationship between technology and democracy.