Research Data Management (in-person)

Research data is often at the heart of scientific projects, it’s what you spend hours in the lab generating or in the field collecting. It forms the basis of your analysis and underpins your arguments in papers and theses.

In this session we introduce RDM and the practical skill of developing Data Management Plans to manage your own data successfully.
The Research Data Management (RDM) course answers these questions and more:
 How often do you consider how you’re managing this vital resource?
 Is your data secure and backed up?
 How can you demonstrate its integrity if challenged?
 Could your research make a greater impact by sharing data?
 What happens to your hard-won data when your project ends?
By the end of this session you will:
 Have an appreciation of the importance of RDM and understand the research data management lifecycle.
 Confidently approach preparing a data management plan and apply the principles to your own research.
 Be able to locate sources of support and expertise around the University to help with different aspects of RDM.