Energy Seminar - Week 6: Retrofit at Scale – Solving the system challenge

Helene Gosden will speak in person at the ECI, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, South Parks Road, Oxford. If you wish to join online please register (link below) to automatically receive the TEAMS webinar link.

Retrofit of our existing building stock is an urgent climate action needed to greatly reduce operational carbon emissions and conserve embodied carbon, by extending the life of existing buildings. It’s also an important part of climate adaptation. The urgency means that one building at a time will not be enough – we need to consider how we retrofit at a greater pace and scale.

Retrofit has the potential to deliver a multitude of benefits to society, not least greatly improving the quality of buildings, mitigating against threats to energy security, addressing fire safety and improving health and educational outcomes for occupants . With the support of government policy and investment, retrofit of homes in particular can alleviate fuel poverty and improve the quality of life for many. Solving this system challenge requires deep collaboration and innovative thinking. Helene will advocate that a place-based, systemic approach can unlock progress as well as supporting green economic growth and local regeneration.