Decolonising Global Health: step-wise change or a revolution?

This is the third session of our Decolonising Global Health reading collective. This is a group of researchers, students, practitioners and activists with an interest in exploring what decolonisation (as a theory but also as activism) means for Global Health research and practice. We are also interested in the intersections between decolonisation and feminist theories and how this can inform our work in Bioethics.

The session takes the from of a reading group and will be focused specifically on Decolonisation and Ethics. When you sign up on the Eventbrite page, you will receive a link to the readings and a set of questions for discussion. The aim of the session is to collectively explore what it means to decolonise global health, how this can be done and what ethical theory can contribute to the decolonisation project (as well as reflecting on what the decolonisation project can contribute to the field of ethics).

This reading session is open to anyone with an interest in global health and decolonisation.