Academic - Industry Day Translational Dementia Research (Virtual Event)

The University of Oxford will be hosting a virtual AIMday in Translational Dementia Research on 30 May 2022 as part of the conference “21st Century Translational Dementia Research” that will bring together industry and academia to discuss key challenges. The AIMday format allows industry to propose challenges for one-hour roundtable discussions with groups of relevant academics and clinicians from Oxford. This is a great chance to see how your research can be applied in industry and to meet potential future collaborators.

Participating companies include: Akrivia Health, Ainostics, BrainBerry Ltd, Cumulus Neuroscience, Cytox, NeuroBio Ltd, Novo Nordisk, Olink, PharmaKure and Stratastem

If you would also like to attend the conference please register at: