Living Longer: Healthy Ageing and the Opportunities of Longevity

The 13th annual Human Welfare Conference at Green Templeton College will explore anti-ageing on an international level.

The United Nations recently declared 2021-2030 as the Decade of Healthy Ageing, a campaign that is intended to unite governments, international agencies, and other stakeholders to better the lives of the growing older adult population. This has proliferated a discourse on the promotion of healthy ageing.

This conference aims to explore the meaning and implications of healthy ageing in society through an interdisciplinary perspective. Our vision is to bring different disciplines in dialogue to critically examine ageing, disrupting the current academic and political discourse on ageing that tends to homogenize the older adult population.

Through our conference, we hope to expose our audience to different perspectives on ageing, showcasing not only the diversity of an aged population but the various approaches that challenge the narratives around ageing.