Moving Towards a Non-Academic Career for Researchers

Are you contemplating transferring from an academic career to something different? If you’ve been committed to the idea of academia throughout your PhD and perhaps during one or more postdocs before making the decision to shift track, you may be feeling very unsettled by the prospect of change.

The good news is that trained researchers move into a vast range of roles and sectors across the employment landscape, yet working out which of these is right for you – and how to make the transition – can be daunting. This workshop offers researchers tools and strategies for:

– uncovering and exploring interesting career pathways; – identifying and effectively articulating transferrable skills to non-academic recruiters; and – preparing practically and emotionally for career transition.

Come to this workshop to learn how utilising your research skills can turn your investigation of prospective career routes into a positive – and even enjoyable – experience. Open to current Oxford DPhil students and research staff.

This is an online event via Microsoft Teams