SPECIAL ONLINE EVENT: Mystery at the Museum

A door creaks. The circle of torchlight swings around the exhibition hall, picking out ribs, a spine, rows of teeth in its beam… Hang on – what’s this – an empty showcase…?

Join wildlife presenter and explorer Steve Backshall on a hunt for a missing exhibit in this unique live-streamed, interactive puzzle challenge!

Devised by Steve Backshall and escape room creators Agent November, Mystery at the Museum will take you on a virtual behind-the-scenes adventure through the spectacular building of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Help Steve solve a series of puzzles to save a missing museum specimen, learning about the natural world along the way.

Mystery at the Museum is an interactive online event for people of all ages with a passion for the natural world. The event is free to attend, with donations going towards the Museum’s HOPE for the Future project.

Read more here: www.oumnh.ox.ac.uk/mystery-at-the-museum