Energy sufficiency: living well, within the limits. Dr Tina Fawcett, ECI, CREDS

This talk presents conceptual work about ‘energy sufficiency’, carried out with Sarah Darby (Environmental Change Institute). It forms part of a wider European-level exploration of what energy sufficiency means, how it is distinct from energy efficiency, and how it might be implemented within policy. We develop a definition of ‘energy service sufficiency’, and consider how this relates to the sustainable development goals and planetary limits. Ideas of sufficiency (probably) require making a distinction between needs and wants. Theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence on the different between these are presented. Finally, thoughts how this concept could be developed into practical policies are explored.

Speaker: Tina Fawcett is a Senior Researcher and Acting Deputy Leader of the energy research team at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.
Tina is leading the ‘policy and governance’ theme in the Centre for Research on Energy Demand Solutions. The theme will generate knowledge and develop new approaches for further, faster and more flexible delivery of energy demand reduction.